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Rochelle Rae

2015 Speaker

ROCHELLE RAE is a makeup artist and the CEO and founder of Rae Cosmetics. Rae Cosmetics is an innovative and versatile line of products specifically designed for women with an active lifestyle. The mineral-based formulas are heat, humidity and perspiration resistant, making them a favorite with women looking for performance as well as beauty from their cosmetics.  With a degree in fine arts, Rae began her career as a painter. Realizing her love for makeup and her desire to make all women feel beautiful and confident, she decided to change her canvas, and moved to Hollywood to study at The Makeup Designory.   She has won multiple awards and accolades for her artistic talent and professionalism. Trusted by fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers, magazine editors and celebrities, Rae has earned the reputation of a premier makeup artist.  Being fitness focused in a warmer climate, Rae saw the need for a line of beauty products that could take the heat. In 2005, she launched Rae. A cosmetics line created to take the heat, like the women who wear it.   @raecosmetics