Sarah Palisi Chapin

2013 Speaker

Sarah Palisi Chapin is chief executive officer of Hail Merry.  Chapin began her career in food retailing on the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore and fine dining restaurants. A graduate of Purdue, she managed restaurants while putting herself thru school, interning as a designate for Disney EPCOT and American Airlines, after serving as the general manager for a campus Noble Roman’s in the development of a fleet of mobile restaurants. Her career hallmark has been innovation. Chapin has pioneered the creation of the food industry’s first miniature express cooking kiosks to retail in airports, stadiums, offices and universities. Chapin has also operated skunk works including trucks that “baked in the driveway,” and co-developed a global purchasing coop. She also headed an established food equipment patenting, invention and licensing company.  She has worked for 15 years on public and private boards, focusing on accelerating new product expansion and commercialization, as well as capital sourcing for growth.  Chapin also served as head of food and packaging globally for a $6 billion fast food restaurant chain.  She truly understands the food supply chain.  She is committed to influencing how America eats by helping to make all natural products available on a broad scale.  She is currently on her own organic and natural journey in a quest for improved health and wellness. @HailMerrySnacks

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