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Shay McBurney

2012 Speaker

Shay McBurney is director of patient advocacy for Celling BioSciences. McBurney’s passion for the welfare of others was evident in her elementary education major at TCU where she taught under-privileged and low-socio economic children. However, having several friends diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she dedicated her time to the MS Society, concentrating on advocacy rights for patients and care-givers. McBurney then founded MedRebels, an organization focused on the benefits of adult stem cells. MedRebels’ mission is to enhance life through preventative and regenerative adult stem cell research and education. McBurney continues to volunteer for MedRebels, as she is focused on talking with and educating individuals who are looking for alternative options for their healthcare. Her position with Celling BioSciences provides the opportunity to advocate for patients’ and physicians’ options and rights.