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Sheri Falk

2012 Speaker

Sheri Falk is an image consultant, fashion coach, and corporate speaker.  She presents wardrobe seminars and workshops to women in the workplace.  Just because there is a dress code does not mean that we have to forget we are women!  She has created a timeless collection, BASIQUES that embraces the French lifestyle of simplicity. Falk launched the BASIQUES collection in Manhattan in 2001, when she realized how impossible it is to find pieces that reinforce the French philosophy that the woman is actually the design and that the first priority of fashion should be to look carefully at each individual client. BASIQUES offers customized tailoring as part of the service.  She graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington and mastered four semesters of French in order to fulfill the requirements of her degree.  After she received her bachelor’s degree in communications, Falk earned a master’s of business administration at Pepperdine University.