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Stephanie Douglass

2015 Speaker

STEPHANIE DOUGLASS is the chief brand and culture officer of BIGAUSTIN. (Business Investment Growth)  Douglass is a seasoned entrepreneur. Her ability to see trends and adapt quickly is one of her biggest strengths.  Founded in 1992, BIGAUSTIN is a non-profit organization created to help entrepreneurial women and economically disadvantaged turn their dreams into reality. They provide comprehensive educational training, one-on-one business consulting and micro loans for new and existing businesses. Douglass’ ability to develop and nurture high level relationships is helping to re-define BiGAUSTIN.  Moving BiGAUSTIN in a new direction with her strategic planning abilities, she is helping to carve out new services and opportunities for BiGAUSTIN and its clients. Douglass’ ability to draw from her own varied experiences as an entrepreneur is helping other women succeed. Her passion to help others be the very best is what drives her.  @bigaustin