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Tulane Holder

2015 Speaker

TULANE HOLDER is an in demand business consultant. She spent 34 years with the Coca-Cola Company before she accepted her calling to help enrich the lives of women. In 2013, Holder and her daughter co-founded The Truth Heals, a nonprofit advocacy group for women and youth affected by fatherlessness. A year later, she and her daughter co-authored “From Daddyless to Destiny: Finding Freedom in Your Story” – a self-help book that illustrates the power of telling your story, letting it go and creating a new story through love and forgiveness. Since then, she and her daughter have traveled the country telling their story of overcoming humble beginnings and offering hope and healing to women and youth of all ages. Holder, who raised her first three children as a single parent, currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Keith, and her youngest son, Kyonte. @tulanecares