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Standing Together, Now More Than Ever

a group of diverse women standing together in unity

Our nation has been rocked by tragedy and unrest in recent weeks and months—shaken by a tipping point in racial injustice, a global pandemic, and widespread economic devastation.

We stand with those mourning the senseless killing of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives lost needlessly. We join the voices calling for change, and we call on women to support one another in fighting for equality for people of color.

As an organization, our core mission has been to promote inclusive equality for working women—across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and political affiliation. But we realize we must go further.

In the coming weeks, the Conferences for Women will be using our platform and sharing resources dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black women and women of color.

Every woman, of every race, can make a difference. By standing shoulder to shoulder in the fight for justice, by taking actions to promote diversity and lending our voices to calls for change. By participating in the civic process and by providing support to groups fighting for change when possible.

Let’s find our strength by joining together. Support each other. Volunteer. Donate. Read. Learn. Vote. And remind ourselves every day: We are the women the world needs now.