Claudia Pillow

Gluten-Free On the Go, Go, Go!

Pillow, ClaudiaFeaturing Claudia Pillow, Chief Nutrition Officer, Hail Merry

Describing her diet as “healthy foodie leaning paleo,” Hail Merry’s Chief Nutrition Officer Claudia Pillow, Ph.D., has been happily living gluten-free for more than 11 years. Her diet consists of lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sustainable seafood, organic poultry, grass-fed meat, lentils and good fats like virgin coconut oil and olive oil. A typical breakfast may be an organic egg, cheese and avocado omelet with a slice of homemade gluten-free bread and a green smoothie. She loves dark chocolate but avoids processed grains, oils and sugars as much as possible. Her home is gluten-free and all friends and family eat gluten-free when they share a meal at her table. That’s at home. Gluten-free on the go can be a whole lot more challenging, but here’s what Pillow has learned from over the years. Read More