Erica Williams Simon

Navigating Transitions in Unpredictable Times with Erica Williams Simon

Making a career pivot can be scary and paralyzing, especially when events transpire that force an unexpected transition. Covid-19 has left many with lost jobs and time to reflect and reevaluate life and priorities. Others are struggling to succeed at remote work with a disrupted structure and, in many cases, no available childcare. In this episode, Erica Williams Simon will draw on her personal experiences to share practical strategies to … [ more ]

Why You May Be Better Equipped to Navigate Today’s Changes Than You Think

If you’re like many people these days, you’ve been dealing with change as you never did before—changes that you didn’t seek out as the next positive step in your career or personal life but had thrust on you by outside circumstances. But here’s a little good news: The skills you need to deal with today’s unexpected changes are the same as the skills you likely have already tapped to create … [ more ]

5 Ways to Create the Career You Truly Want

At 27, Erica Williams Simon came to an important recognition. She was “successful” but not happy. “So, I did what we are never supposed to do—especially as women, especially as black women: We’re never supposed to quit. You don’t quit. Well yes, you do and I did,” she recently said. What she discovered in the time of self-exploration that followed was that many cultural and generational narratives had shaped her … [ more ]

A Conversation on How to Skimm Your Life | 2019 Session

Navigating life isn’t easy, but theSkimm founders, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin make it a lot more fun. This fireside chat will deliver the Skimm’s trademark mix of real talk, humor, and inspirational messaging to take all of the daunting, cumbersome and frankly unsexy parts of being an adult, and break them down in the same way they break down a complicated news story every morning in our inbox.  Join … [ more ]