Issa Rae

Tips for Being a Successful Entrepreneur and Leader – From Issa Rae

It’s been 10 years since Issa Rae became a sensation with her YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. Since then, Rae has been on the fast-track, proving herself not only a brilliant producer and actress but successful entrepreneur and leader of a growing media conglomerate. The Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated star and creator of the HBO series Insecure joins Laysha Ward, Target’s EVP & chief external engagement officer, on this month’s … [ more ]

Women of Color Blazing Trails: A Conversation with Issa Rae & Laysha Ward

Show Notes: This episode is a special way to kick off Black History Month by bringing you an extraordinary keynote conversation between producer, actress and writer Issa Rae and Target’s EVP and chief external engagement officer Laysha Ward. This conversation happened at the October 2020 Texas Conference for Women. Featuring two pioneers who are blazing trails for women of color and all women and girls around the globe, Issa Rae … [ more ]

Keynote Recap: Issa Rae Shares What Has Helped Her Succeed as a Leader and Entrepreneur

Producer, actress, and writer Issa Rae spoke with Laysha Ward, Target’s EVP & chief external engagement officer, during the 2020 Texas Conference for Women. Here are the highlights of the conversation, lightly edited for brevity and clarity: Laysha Ward: How did you learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and leader? Issa Rae: “I think once people see that you are serious about you, you’re serious about your product, serious … [ more ]