January 2020 Newsletter

The Q&A—On Better Goal-Setting

With GLG’s Catrina Harding One of my favorite phrases is: ‘Don’t boil the ocean.’ It means don’t set yourself an impossible objective. Q: As much as we love New Year’s resolutions, most of us are notoriously bad at following through on them throughout the year. What’s your approach to goal-setting at the beginning of this year? My philosophy is that it’s important to set goals at the beginning of the … [ more ]

The Biggest Danger Women Pose to the Status Quo

Start 2020 strong with Pat Mitchell, first female president of CNN Productions and PBS, co-founder and curator of TEDWomen, global advocate for women’s rights, and author of Becoming a Dangerous Woman. Scroll down and click Play to listen in your browser. Or subscribe to Women Amplified wherever you get your podcasts, and take advantage of Conference for Women speakers year-round!