Lori Knowlton

The Skills You Need to Build Your Career

What are the skills you won’t see on a job description, but that are essential to your success? Most of these skills are not going to be learned in a classroom, but are integral to career growth. A panel of executives from different industries will help you identify the skills you might be missing, where you can apply your current skills and supplement your education to prepare for future opportunities. Podcast: Play in … [ more ]

The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently

The act of generating something new, useful and even disruptive is a fundamental capacity in all of us. Organizations today are experiencing creative tension — having to balance information overload with increasing pressure to do more, faster, with less. Innovation and thinking differently don’t need to be intimidating, foreign, misunderstood or overly complex. This session will explore how you can use visual and game thinking to unlock your power to … [ more ]