Melinda Gates

Keynote Recap: Melinda Gates on the Future of Gender Equality

Global philanthropist Melinda Gates spoke with media executive and TEDWomen co-founder Pat Mitchell during the 2020 Texas Conference for Women. Here are the highlights of the conversation, lightly edited for brevity and clarity: Pat Mitchell: The pandemic has been adversely and disproportionately impacting women; and some are worried that, because of this, we are experiencing a backward slide on gender equality. What is your response to this?  Melinda Gates: “Absolutely, … [ more ]

Melinda Gates! The First of Many Amazing 2020 Conference for Women Speaker Announcements

Philanthropist, businesswoman, and global advocate for women and girls Melinda Gates will help us kick off the first-ever all-virtual (and newly global) Texas Conference for Women on October 1st. Gates, who grew up in Texas, has been at the forefront of addressing how women are experiencing the current health crisis and its effects disproportionately, including economically, in the workplace, and at home. She is co-chair of the Bill & Melinda … [ more ]