Rachael Ray

Q&A: Rachael Ray on Her First Job, Being the Boss and Eating Healthy at Work

Even though she has 22 cookbooks, four TV shows, a lifestyle magazine and a line of dog and cat food, don’t call Rachael Ray a one-woman-cottage-industry. “I don’t like those terms,” she says. “It sounds like I created an ‘evil empire’ or something.” Her success wasn’t plotted out: “I just enjoy working, I enjoy people and I enjoy food. So, I do what I love; the TV just sort of … [ more ]

Rachael Ray’s Recipe for Pumpkin Lovers’ Lasagna

Texas Conference for Women keynote Rachael Ray shares one of her favorite fall recipes! “My favorite season: fall. My favorite fall flavor: pumpkin. One of my all-time favorite dishes: lasagna. Need I say more?” SERVES 6 TO 8