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“It is great to come and see women who are confident, have accomplished so much, have stepped out on a dream and have achieved their goals. It lets you know, yes I can do this.”
Marsha J. — area real estate manager
“The speakers were wonderful and went over tips and ideas that I will truly be able to
put into practice in my life. I left rejuvenated and excited about where I can go in my professional life and what I can do with it.”
“I just felt so happy and more hopeful seeing all these amazing individuals overcome their own obstacles in unique ways to achieve their dreams and goals.”
“From start to finish, the experience was amazing: thousands of women of all backgrounds and ages assembled for one day, under one roof to learn, teach, meet and greet.”
Jennifer K. — rabbi and panelist
“The joy I experience when I see thousands of women networking and lifting up each other is phenomenal. Imagine how we as a group will be part of the changing future!Our children will have new doors opened to them, thanks to the pioneers who started and continue to forge through this great annual event.”
Donna W. — detective, past scholarship recipient
“I have brought my seniors to the Conference for two years. Each year we have grown and more young ladies are excited about the event. They feel they learn about ‘real life’ and are being given the tools to ensure their success by attending and learning the importance of being a part of a woman network.”
Donna M. — educator, Young Women’s Program participant
“Our organization has had a booth at the Conference for the last two years, which has proven to be an excellent way for us to make connections. We had over 600 women fill out forms last year for our drawing, and we continue to make connections with women who came by our booth.”
Teresa S. — business owner
“The noticeable difference between this conference and others I’ve attended is the quality and diversity of the attendees. It is so inspirational to meet women from all over the state with different backgrounds in such an encouraging and motivational setting.”
Robin D. — business owner
“Dozens of women, bubbling with ideas big and small for engaging in philanthropic pursuits, swarmed the panelists after our session at the conference. I am heartened by the warmth and generosity of spirit that filled the room. Together we are making it happen.”
Gracie C. — nonprofit founder
“I found myself at a major crossroads in my life. I went to the Texas Conference for Women looking for something that would help me find a new purpose and direction.What I found were women who inspired me to push past my fear and doubts and create a reality from a long held dream.”
Lolis G. — radio host
“For two years, I have brought my 26-year-old daughter who is a ‘career woman.’ We have some quality mother-daughter bonding time together. Life is very hectic, and even though we live in the same city, there is something special about the drive to the Conference and the uninterrupted conversations, the dinners and the Conference itself.”
Rosalie B. — banking executive
“I enjoy the reminder that the Conference provides. It helps me step back to think about what kind of person I want to be, review how I am living my life and take action to improve.”
Harmony H. — microprocessor development engineer
“The Conference always takes me from my daily hectic schedule and allows me to realize the goals I have reached and the goals I would like to set for myself.”
Rhonda S. — apprentice supervisor