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2018 Session | How to Get Buy-in to Pioneer Equity and Diversity in Your Organization

Are you tired of waiting for C-level directives to address the equity and diversity gaps in your organization? Don’t sit around and wait! Be a pioneer and create the change you want. Using best practices and lessons learned from first-hand experiences, this panel of experts will share expert advice on gender partnership and diversity initiatives. Get ready to leave this session armed with knowledge, actionable tips, and the motivation to make change in your organization.

Thought Leader: Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, executive director, Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

 Carol Fulp, CEO, The Partnership & author, Success through Diversity
⚬ Wendy Howell, chief of staff and technical services product management, Cisco Systems
 Emily O’Halloran, managing director and Southwest digital lead, Accenture

Emcee: Carolina Barcenas, VP, data science and AI, data products, Visa