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2018 Session | Personal Brand Overhaul: Redefine the Way You’re Perceived at Work

Everyone has a certain reputation (or “brand”) that they’re known for in the workplace, but for most people, that brand has been created by default, rather than by intentional design. The people you work with have built up their own perceptions, opinions, and judgments about who you are, what you’re good at—and possibly even what you’re not good at. They have “branded” you in their own minds. Have you allowed others to define your reputation? If so, you have the ability to re-brand yourself. This panel of branding experts will show you how to re-assess your brand –in person, online and when sending emails –  and adjust your communication to that you can attract high-profile projects and solidify your reputation as a leader.

Thought Leader: Catherine Kaputa, founder, Selfbrand & author   

⚬ Kailei Carr, branding expert & CEO, The Asbury Group
⚬ Sarah Delille, business development manager, Equinor     
⚬ Jessica Honegger, author, Imperfect Courage & founder, Noonday Collection

Emcee: Cara Nichols, director, community affairs, Rackspace