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Dell Social Media Listening Command Center

The Texas Conference for Women is rapidly approaching and the social buzz is beginning to grow too, especially for those wanting to share in their excitement and learn more about what to expect at the event.

Dell will showcase these social conversations and make them relevant for the audience at hand. A mobile version of Dell’s Social Media Listening Command Center will be located at the event’s Social Media Pavilion.

Dell employees will be on hand to answer questions about these conversations and Dell’s social media listening and engagement strategies. Visitors will be able to see conversations about the Texas Conference for Women—from various channels like Twitter and Facebook—play out in real time on screen. They’ll also be able to gain insights into the predominant topics discussed during the event, most influential individuals/sites talking about the event, sentiment of conversations, etc.

For Dell, social media is seen as more than a tool—it’s an extension of our brand, of our heritage to listen to our customers and build relationships with them. Whether you visit the mobile command center or participate in one of our roundtable discussions on social media for business and empowering employees to engage, we’re looking forward to meeting you. We want you to be successful and we will be at the Texas Conference for Women to help. So don’t be shy—stop by, say hi, ask questions … and don’t forget to join the social conversation. #txconfwomen

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