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ENCORE | How is Bias Affecting Your Organization | 2019 Session

We all have blind spots: hidden unconscious biases that can influence the culture of our organizations and the career trajectories of all its employees. But when we learn how to identify these blind spots, we have the power to make change. Sharing best practices and lessons learned from their first-hand experiences, diversity consultant Tiffany Jana and this panel of experts will examine what helps break down these biases, and what all of us can do right now to create systems in which all people can thrive. You will walk away with concrete strategies to tackle structural bias—both individually and organizationally.

Thought Leader: Dr. Tiffany Jana, founder, TMI Consulting & author, Overcoming Bias and Erasing Institutional Bias


    • Jennifer Brown, CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting & author, How to Be an Inclusive Leader
    • Minda Harts, founder, Women of Color Equity Initiative and author, The Memo
    • Mary Bui-Pham, chief of staff, PMO, Indeed

Emcee: Renee Medina, VP, global head, member solutions, GLG