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Finding Your Passion

Speaker: Tina Hambly, founder and designer, Valentina Shoes
Speaker: Cory Cotton, founder, Dude Perfect and author, Go Big

Finding your passion can be a lifelong mission – and one that evolves as you grow and change. This interactive session offers two different perspectives around how to find what you love and create that into meaningful work and everyday life. Tina Hambly went from a 17-year career in high tech event marketing to becoming the founder and designer of Valentina, a girls’ fashion brand featuring shoes for “hip, happy girls.” Within months of launching her bold girls’ brand, Valentina was featured on as a brand “your girl will go crazy over,” touted as “Designer to Watch” by Austin Monthly magazine and selected as “Best of the Best” to be featured during Austin Fashion Week 2012. Hambly shares how after decades, she reinvented herself, found her passion and turned it into reality. Cory Cotton, a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, is one of the founders of the five-man trick basketball shot team known as Dude Perfect. In just three years, Dude Perfect has more than 80 million views of their online content and has been labeled by Advertising Age as one of You Tube’s hottest brands. As an entrepreneur and acclaimed author, Cory inspires you to Go Big with what you love and use that platform for a cause greater than you.