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Foster Your Inner Entrepreneur and Innovator | 2019 Session

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting a business. It’s about being a pioneer and thought leader. And, your next innovative idea could lead to breakthroughs—maybe even change the world. So, what’s holding you back? Whether you are in startup mode or looking to generate that next big idea within your current organization, this session will help you explore the essential skills, characteristics and habits to help foster your inner entrepreneur. From corporate professionals to business owners, this interactive panel will share their firsthand experiences to help you with idea generation and scalability. They will also offer strategies to help you navigate the obstacles that have kept that audacious idea of yours from becoming a reality.

          Thought Leader: Carolyn Rodz, founder, Hello Alice


Julia Cheek, founder, EverlyWell

⚬ Amber Allen, founder, Double A Labs

Janice Omadeke, founder, The Mentor Method

          Emcee: Shelley Gretlein, VP, global marketing, National Instruments