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Maximizing Your Career in a Virtual Environment

Mobility has changed the way we interact and grow, especially in the workplace. In a world where everyone is always connected, how do you leverage technology to maximize your career? How do you build out your online community? How do you maintain work/life balance? In this Expert Exchange, attendees will learn how to gain exposure and visibility, and succeed in a virtual workplace. Speakers will share their experiences as they have watched the workplace evolve and the tools they used to transition to the global online work environment.

MODERATOR: Dianne Hirsch, director of product marketing, Cisco 

Mike Flannagan, VP, data and analytics, Cisco

Faisal Hanafi, VP, services, Cisco
Chris Hurst, VP, global strategy and planning, Cisco
Gayle Morris, VP, Americas global customer success, Cisco
Max Tremp, director, systems engineering, Cisco