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Dani Rylan

2018 Speaker

DANI RYLAN is the founder and commissioner of the National Women’s Hockey League. Rylan launched the NWHL in April 2015 with aspirations of growing the landscape of women’s hockey across the globe. Within its first two years, the NWHL has grown exponentially, igniting an interest in women’s hockey that has attracted the attention of major media outlets worldwide. Rylan was named to ESPN’s IMPACT 25 of 2015, an event held annually to recognize the women making the biggest impact on their sport and the society in which they live. In June 2016 Fast Company recognized Rylan as one the Top 100 Most Creative People in 2016. She has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and is a passionate business owner with a track record of turning ideas into reality. Prior to founding the NWHL, Rylan’s hockey career culminated at Northeastern University where she obtained her MS in sports management and served as the captain of the hockey team. @danirylan