Nina Shaw

One Small Word that Can Help You Advance Equity at Work

How can you speak up for equity in a way that brings other people along rather than risks an unproductive battle? Nina Shaw, the entertainment lawyer who The New York Times has called “The Hollywood Power Behind Those Seeking a Voice,” has one simple magic word: “We.” More broadly, she calls it “We Speak.” “It’s where I talk less about the personal situation and more about the organization,” Shaw says. … [ more ]

Women Making History: with Time’s Up Co-Founder Nina Shaw

Show Notes: It’s Women’s History Month, and we’re talking to a woman who’s been making history for decades: renowned entertainment attorney and co-founding organizer of Time’s Up, Nina Shaw. As one of Hollywood’s most powerful dealmakers, Nina has been elevating the voices of women everywhere. This special, candid conversation explores the past, present and future of gender equality in the workplace. Part inspiration and part actionable takeaways, learn how to … [ more ]

2018 Session | In the Wake of #MeToo: What the Workplace Looks Like Now

The #MeToo movement is accomplishing what the laws created to prevent sexual harassment didn’t do. Sexual harassment is finally being taken seriously and numerous companies are working to put an end to it. While this massive movement is a welcome shift for women, it is also changing the landscape for many. What are the consequences of this movement? How should it be discussed in the workplace? Are men less willing … [ more ]

“Women Supporting Women in Business” at the 2018 TX Conference for Women

On November 9, 2018, a panel of experts talked business in front of a sold-out audience of 7,500 attendees of the Texas Conference for Women. Speakers, seated left to right: – Marjorie Clifton, principal, Clifton Consulting, LLC – Tyler Haney, founder & CEO, Outdoor Voices – Renata Quintini, venture capitalist and partner, Lux Capital – Nina Shaw, entertainment attorney & co-founder, Time’s Up