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Branding & Perception: How to Maximize How You Are Perceived by Others

How people perceive you is essential to success. And with the onslaught of social media and 24/7 business, the opportunities to mold that perception is constant. This panel of experts will teach you how to create your unique and impactful brand and then market it appropriately. Attendees will learn how to shape this perception around your already-formed personality. And once formed, how do you leverage your unique personality quirks to be desired, impactful and successful?

THOUGHT LEADER: Stephanie Carls, digital lifestyle and branding expert, My Savvy Life


Tamara Fields, managing director, Accenture
Aliza Licht, author, LEAVE YOUR MARK, & formerly known as DKNY PR GIRL
Elizabeth Matthews, executive director, corporate brand and purpose, Dell
Amanda Slavin, CEO & founder, CatalystCreativ and advisory board member, I AM THAT GIRL

HOST: Stephanie Douglass, chief brand & culture officer, BiGAUSTIN