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Welcome to the sponsor information hub! Here you will find our Year-Round Conference for Women Resources; forms that need to be completed by you, as needed, and important information you will need to make your sponsorship activation a successful and manageable experience. Note: Refer to your Benefit Tracker to see which elements you receive under your sponsorship.
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Year-Round Conference for Women Resources



Branding & Marketing Elements




  • Submit LogosDue upon receipt of confirmation – Please label your files with your company name (i.e. Company Name_Logo_TX-2021)


  • Submit AdsDue 8/26/2021 – Please label your files with your company name (i.e. Company Name_Ad_TX-2021)






Thought Leadership




  • Submit VideosDue 8/2/2021 – Please label your files with speaker name (i.e. Speaker Name-Video-TX-2021)




    Ask the Recruiter Form – Complete form to provide us with your recruiter information, bio and headshot, as well as answer one recruiting question listed.




    Social Media


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