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The Encore Career: Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck in the Second Half of Life | 2019 Session

No matter how successful you are, pivoting to a new career in the second half of life can present some uphill battles. With the reality of ageism and bias in the workplace, trying to rebrand yourself in a new field may feel overwhelming. Whether you want to change careers, find new purpose, have hit a mid-career stopping point or have opted out and now want to opt back in, you can find a new career that offers joy and impact. This panel of experts will share the skills you need to showcase, how to position yourself for success in your transition, and ways to connect with younger colleagues to find happiness in your encore career.

Thought Leader: Susan Rietano Davey, career re-entry expert and founder, Prepare to Launch


    • Catherine Bannister, managing director & global director for technology fluency & ethics, Deloitte Consulting
    • Karen Chong, director, audience and influencer engagement, enterprise initiatives, AARP
    • Linda Glass, career strategist and CEO, Glass Talent

Emcee: L. Michelle Smith, Mary Kay